Today 19/04/2016 we release updated version of our MFI Factsheet!

19/04/2016 12:02

We are pleased to present an updated version of the MFI Factsheet 4.1.

  • Compare your MFI with the country peers through an automatic import of the MIX data
  • Follow up on your voluntary savings
  • Check the consistency of your data in one click! 


Download today a new version which is more performant and user friendly: click here

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Following the changes in the MFI Factsheet, Microfact is also updating its another tool: MFI Factsheets Compiler. It serves to import, store and organize MFI Factsheets in order to generate financial reports in a practical way. Updated version of the MFI Factsheets Compiler will be released NEXT WEEK.



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